Installation & Financing

Superior Installation for Quality You Can Count on for Years

The installation process is crucial to the longevity and quality of the finished project, which is why our team will meticulously ensure high-quality workmanship throughout the entire process. Poor installation can significantly reduce the performance and appearance of your lawn, but our installation techniques lead to a beautiful lawn that will last for years to come.

ForeverLawn Charlotte has gone above and beyond to improve on industry standards. Now through our proprietary backing and seaming system, we’ve done away with the major problems associated with the glued seams found in other synthetic grass products. For starters, the improved, mechanically bonded seams will give you a great looking finish that’s not affected by fluctuations in temperature and weather.

For the do-it-yourself installation, we’ve got you covered with detailed instructions that will help you ensure a great finished look. However, for commercial projects like Playground Grass and SportsGrass, for instance, you’ll find a more involved process due to special installation techniques, prep, and drainage requirements.

Contact us today, and we can discuss your needs to find the best solution for you.

Financing Makes Upgrading Easier than Ever

Choosing synthetic grass offers countless benefits, but we understand that it is an investment. Now, upgrading with ForeverLawn has been made easier through our partnership with North Star Leasing Company for commercial projects.

If you’re looking to finance a residential project, Home Improvement LoanPros will guide you through the process. They have four featured loan and credit card offers so you can choose what’s best for you.

You’ll get access to a fantastic financing option that gives you several perks.

Start enjoying the beauty and function of synthetic natural grass while ensuring you have capital free to use when you need it. Learn more about the benefits of ForeverLawn synthetic turf and your options for financing by contacting us today!