K9Grass - The Artificial Grass Designed Specifically for Dogs

Anyone who cares for dogs of any kind knows that they are lovable and priceless pets, but they're also tough on grass and can obliterate an outdoor space. That's why we developed K9Grass-the artificial grass that's created especially for the needs of pet owners in mind.

Its innovative design features:

  • Antimicrobial technology that protects against odors, bacteria, corrosion, discoloration
  • Exclusive flow-through backing for superior drainage
  • Shorter blade structure with a thicker density
  • And more

How K9Grass Stays Cleaner and Lasts Longer

We've teamed up with AstroTurf manufacturing to integrate AlphaSan® into our turf. This antimicrobial additive works by using a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic ion-exchange resin with silver. Silver provides effective protection against a broad array of microorganisms and is well-known as being safe for people and pets.

The dense blade structure and thick, highly durable backing provide the strength needed to stand up to daily wear and tear. It effectively resists digging so you can say goodbye to muddy outdoor spaces and the dirty paw prints that come with them.

Add Value and Appeal to Your Outdoor Space

By creating a beautifully green and clean outdoor area for pets to explore, you can dramatically boost the appeal of your outdoor areas. Pet facilities and homeowners alike can benefit from the added value that K9Grass brings to their property. From saving time and money on lawn maintenance, to increasing the beauty of an outdoor space, this product is the perfect solution for both pets and people to enjoy.

  • Improved knitted design creates a unique flow-through backing for unmatched drainability
  • Antimicrobial agent added to protect your yard from odors and stains
  • Maximum durability and hefty construction stands up to washing and wear
  • Unique design holds up to the everyday wear and tear that dogs are known to dish out

Unlike some companies that relabel their synthetic grass product and call it “K9”, ForeverLawn has developed a synthetic turf specifically designed and meticulously developed for the needs of dogs.
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