Get the Natural Look You'll Love with DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass

The innovative construction includes fine, multi-colored blades and tan thatch that create an entirely natural-looking lawn appearance that you'll need to see to believe. With its incredibly durable 3-layer backing and beautifully realistic design, ForeverLawn is the perfect lasting solution for both residential and commercial landscaping demands.

Say goodbye to lawn maintenance and the time and money involved in lawn upkeep-this synthetic grass is virtually maintenance free. You won't find one-size fits all solutions here, either. DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Select Synthetic Grass offers four solutions so you can find the preferable option for your outdoor space:

Select VR

provides remarkable realism with its rich color scheme and tall, dense construction. This premium synthetic grass is recommended for moderate traffic areas.

Select LX

has a very natural look and was the first artificial grass featuring a tan thatch, giving it a beautifully realistic look you need to see to believe. Ideal for landscape settings, this product provides great curb appeal and is recommended for use in moderate traffic areas.

Select HD

is the choice for moderate to high-traffic areas. It's realistic and resilient, featuring a hefty construction and beautiful appearance. This product will boost the curb appeal of your lawn and provide you with that tailored look you're looking for all year long.

Select EL

with a shorter pile height and dense structure, this option requires less infill. It offers superb-quality realism that pleases even the most discerning eye. With varied yarn color, your lawn will look like grass but without costing you time and money in lawn maintenance.

Find the Synthetic Grass That's Right for Your Space

Whether you’re looking to create a unique outdoor focal point or you want to cover a large open area with green, our team will ensure you find exactly what you need. We’re committed to providing matchless service and quality you can trust over the long haul. Learn more, and discover how ForeverLawn can make your outdoor space come to life.

Commercial financing is available.