Splash and Play: Four Cool Perks of SplashGrass

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Splash pads are a dynamic way for kids (and kids at heart!) to enjoy an interactive and safe play environment. Offering a refreshing escape from the heat, splash pads are a popular addition to homes, parks, and recreational facilities. Their visual appeal and safety can be enhanced with SplashGrass, an innovative artificial turf solution that is engineered to suit a wet environment.

Splash and Play: Four Cool Perks of SplashGrass

Here are four cool perks that will elevate any water play area:

  1. Improved Safety: Water play areas often use concrete, which can get slippery and does not offer any cushioning against slips, trips, and falls. SplashGrass is much softer and slip-resistant, which helps to prevent accidents and provide a safe environment, even when wet.
  2. Low Maintenance: Another perk of SplashGrass is that it requires very little upkeep to look great. This ensures that you have a consistently attractive and clean play area with very little hassle.
  3. Vibrant: Artificial turf’s year-round availability of lush green enhances the splash pad areas’ aesthetic appeal. This creates an inviting and attractive environment both for children and adults, making it a great solution for landscaping water play spaces.
  4. Water Resistant: One key factor in designing a water play area is how all the excess water is managed and drained. SplashGrass has a low flow backing, which prevents puddles from forming and redirects water where you want it to go. This helps the area remain dry and safe for play.

Providing a clean and hygienic play environment is important. You can combine safety with beautiful aesthetics by installing SplashGrass in your water play zones. Make a splash this summer and create a water play haven for all ages. Give our team at ForeverLawn Charlotte a call today to get started.