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Our team offers a wide range of artificial grass products for a variety of applications, and you can count on us to help you find the one you need.

Our team at ForeverLawn Charlotte specializes in providing high-quality, premium artificial grass products for a variety of applications. Whether you are simply tired of lawn maintenance and want to replace your natural grass with an artificial version, you are looking for artificial turf for your sports facility, or you need a soft, durable ground cover for a playground, our team has you covered. Simply reach out to us to learn more about the wide range of artificial grass products we offer.

Artificial Grass Products in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our selection of artificial grass products includes:

  • SportsGrass – This type of artificial grass is specifically designed for use in athletic fields. It provides superior durability and performance, and it will keep your facility looking great game after game.
  • Playground Grass – Our playground grass is designed for use in outdoor play areas. It is an excellent ground cover for playgrounds, as it is durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic, and it provides a soft, springy cushion to reduce the chance of children getting hurt when they fall down as they run and play.
  • K9 Grass – As the name suggests, this artificial grass products is designed for dog owners. It is engineered to allow liquid to drain away, and it is easy to clean. In addition, it contains antimicrobial agents to prevent germs from spreading on the surface and to eliminate odors.

These are just a few of the options we offer, and we are always happy to discuss the right product for your specific situation. We are proud to serve the community here in Charlotte, North Carolina, and we want to help you find the ideal artificial grass option for your needs. To learn more about our selection of premium artificial grass products, just give us a call.

Artificial Grass Products FAQs

Here at ForeverLawn Charlotte, we understand that many people have questions about the various artificial grass products on the market these days. To encourage you to work with us, we’ve answered a few of the most common questions we get asked about our line of artificial turf options.

How do I choose the right artificial grass products for my needs?

We’re proud to offer several artificial grass options to suit a wide range of needs, and our skilled team is always happy to offer insight if you’re unsure what to choose. Landscape grass is a good general-purpose artificial turf for areas like around the pool or even across your entire lawn, and there are also plenty of specialty artificial turfs like K9Grass for pet owners and Golf Greens for avid golfers.

What kind of warranty or guarantees do you offer?

ForeverLawn is proud to offer customers a 15-year product warranty and a two-year installation warranty.

Do you contract out installations?
No, all of our product installations are handled by our specialized team. We understand how important quality workmanship is, so we never sub out installations.
How are your products better than other artificial grass products?
Unlike many artificial turf companies that simply put their name on a product without considering what it will be used for, our products are designed with a specific purpose. From K9Grass, which is ideal for pet lovers, to Playground Grass, which makes an amazing addition to any backyard or school playground, each of our products is specially designed to suit the job at hand. Our team will help you find the best solution for your needs, and we stand behind the quality and longevity of our artificial grass products.

At ForeverLawn Charlotte, we install artificial grass products in Charlotte, Huntersville, Matthews, Cornelius, Davidson, Stanly County, Gaston County, and Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.


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