Upgrade Your Play Areas with Playground Grass

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Upgrade Your Play Areas with Playground GrassOne important issue in playground design is which ground cover to use. Materials such as mulch, sand, and shredded rubber are popular, but each comes with drawbacks. In addition, natural grass is usually impractical for play areas because it is unlikely to withstand the heavy foot traffic.

If you are looking for the right groundcover for your play area, we at ForeverLawn Charlotte encourage you to consider artificial Playground Grass. In this article, we’ll go over a few ways in which Playground Grass can improve your facilities.

  • Safety – One reason why ground covers are such an important aspect of playground design is because they have a huge impact on safety. In the past, many playgrounds were paved in concrete or asphalt, but today this is no longer standard practice because hard ground can cause many injuries. Playground Grass is designed to be soft and springy, providing excellent cushioning for kids as they run and play.
  • Drift Prevention – Another way Playground Grass can improve your playground is by allowing you to avoid the problem of drift—unlike loose materials like mulch, artificial Playground Grass will stay in place. This means you won’t have to worry about adding more ground cover to replace what was lost. Parents will also appreciate this choice, as it means they won’t have to deal with their children tracking sand, dirt, or mulch chips into their homes.
  • Maintenance – A third way our Playground Grass will improve your playground is by reducing your maintenance needs. Our artificial grass products require very little maintenance, so you will be able to enjoy the same good looks and excellent cushioning without having to spend much time or money to keep your Playground Grass in good condition.